A History of DISH Network internet services

dish network internet

DISH Network has had many accomplishments over the years. Following are some of the things that they have done in the last few years.

April 2011 This is when DISH Network acquired Blockbuster LLC.

September 2011 DISH Network unveiled Blockbuster @Home, which was the very first subscription based streaming movie service bundle in the pay- television industry.

November 2011 DISH Network unveiled the Tailgater, which is a remote satellite dish that makes it super easy to watch sports outdoors, in your RV, or while tailgating.

January 2012 DISH unveiled the Hopper & Joey, which is the most technologically better whole home DVR HD system. DISH made the announcement that its customers to watch many on-demand television shows and movies to their iPad with the Remote Access app from DISH.

March 2012 DISH was able to acquire both TerreStar and DBSD.

May 2012 DISH begins offering commercial free television with AutoHop.

July 2012 DISH Network delivers its very first household addressed advertising to seven million subscribers nationally.

September 2012 DISH Network unveiled their DishNet service, which is Dish Network internet service, in order to bring high speed internet to those Americans living in rural areas who have slow or no access to the internet.

November 2012 DISH Network launched their digital over the air tuner, Game Finder and What’s Hot feature on the Hopper whole home HD DVR. EchoStar launched Echo XVI satellite from Baikonur, Kazakhstan

January 2013 DISH Network unveiled their Hopper with Sling, which is the second generation of the whole home DVR HD system. The Hopper Tranfers app from DISH Network delivers recording from the DVR to the iPad for watching offline. DISH Network began offering DISH Explorer, which is an intuitive app that can be brought up to combine television viewing with social media.

March 2013 DISH Network began combining customer service with sustainability with their ROUSCH CleanTech propane autogas fuel vans, which are driven to their subscribers home for both service calls and installs, which means lower emissions of carbon dioxide.

May 2013 DISH Network began offering new customers that qualify their choice of a new iPad 2 or discounts on their first year of programming if they signed up for Hopper with Sling.

June 2013 DISH introduced SMARTbox, which is an extremely affordable and flexible satellite television platform for hospitality operations and hotels/motels. Both DISH Network and nTelos launch fixed wireless pilot in rural area in Virginia with a wireless spectrum in the 2.5 GHz range.

July 2013 DISH Network began offering free live television on Southwest flights with those personal devices that were Dish internet ready.

December 2013 DISH Network and Sprint work together to jointly develop and then deploy a fixed wireless broadband service, temporarily, in Corpus Christi, Texas.